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Christen Kaplan

Christen Kaplan, HN

Nutritionist, Integrative Wholistic Diagnostics Inc.

The culmination of 17 years dedicated to the research of Holistic Nutrition, understanding lifestyle disease, and preventative healthcare measures to improve the health and quality of life for her clients has been the driving force behind Christen’s passion and dedication to Holistic Nutrition and Preventative Healthcare. Christen has partnered with a wide array of medical practitioners to assist in putting together an effective nutritional program to support their patients diagnosed with obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease as well as other medical conditions that can be improved with proper nutrition. She has held Certifications as a Post Rehab Specialist, Level 1 Postural Assessment Specialist, Medical Exercise Specialist, Holistic Nutrition Certification from the CHEK Institute, Holistic Nutrition Certification from the American Fitness Professionals Association, and Supplementation Certification from the American Fitness Professional Association.

Christen is also the founder of Love a Wholistic Life, a practical Nutritional Program for nutrition, weight loss, anti-inflammatory nutrition, and longevity. She is the author of the blog www.LoveAWholisticLife.com

Christen is a mother, author, and researcher.  In her spare time, she enjoys painting, photography, hiking, and traveling. Christen’s unyielding dedication to empowering others through education is the motivation behind her commitment to her clients and Integrative Wholistic Diagnostics Inc.

Beth Inman

Elizabeth Inman

National Sales and Marketing Director

Elizabeth is a sales expert with over 20+ years of sales and customer service experience with a strong focus on promoting a team-based work environment, Elizabeth has partnered with several other financial and sales professionals to identify and facilitate progressive movements toward continuous growth opportunities. Her extensive background has enabled her to now partner with Integrative Wholistic Diagnostics Inc. as the National Sales and Marketing Director, providing medical practitioners the opportunity to build their patient base by offering several diagnostic testing services that ensure the most comprehensive diagnostics not only through testing, but enabling doctors to create a clear medical care plan for current pathologies and Preventative Healthcare as well.

Elizabeth is based out of South Carolina. She is a wife and mom. She enjoys hiking, nutritional cooking, and golf. Her witty sense of humor, positive outlook on life, and commitment to providing top notch customer service contributes to her strong relationship with her clients.

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VitalScan ANS

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